Horses for you!

Horsemanship is learning about the whole horse and its' special characteristics, needs and abilities.  Riding is so much more fun and satisfying when you're working in an informed, balanced partnership.

#1 best investment toward having safe relationships with horses!

Learn at your own pace

* supportive environment
* easy to understand guidance 
* friendly, well trained horses. 
*  Gain your horses respect

influence through subtle signals, 
* body language
* pressure and release techniques.

* Emphasis on safety

*  grooming
*  herd dynamics
*  horse  anatomy
*  western tack / tacking up
*  trail riding
*  arena etiquette
*  Introduction to drill  team riding

* World Travelers!!
* Horses are horses! 
* Learning the basics helps you enjoy the     vacation horse experience. 
* Get prepared!
* Learn how to assess rental horses
* keep yourself as safe as possible
   on new horses.


* Feelings of freedom AND control
   as you develop your skills in the arena,      on the trail, over obstacles and in the         barn. 


* a variety of confidence building  
* peaceful time in the country
* beautiful, well trained horses
* community with other horse lovers

Teamwork and Independence in a healthy country environment.
Adults can slow down and refresh themselves with a new skill or reconnect with a passion from their youth. Students are encouraged to develop clear respectful relationships with their equine partners! We create memories to last a lifetime!  
Look at these pictures!! This can be you!

Jane's Good Horses
 is the coaching branch of 
Alternatives Counseling and Coaching



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